23 Feb

How to Apply to a Job

Here’s the cover letter I sent for applying to my previous job.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
I = []; fit = [:your, :offer, ' http://www.standoutjobs.com/jobs.php?id=1409']
just = checkout = %w(macournoyer cv)
its = you = me = 1_000_000_000 #$
class Array
  def can i, help = :you; true end 
  def me love = ruby
    $my = self; love='creating world'.class.new 'stuff'
  def see _for = :yourself
    `open http://#{$my.join '.com/'}/`
  alias :am :to_a 
  alias :in? :include?

I.fill(0).each { |criterion| } && I.am.uniq! and :passionate

its.upto(you) do |i| fit.in? :StandoutJobs
   just.send :me, :an => 'email' 
end; %w(e ll).see if I.can :help => you

[... snip ...]

Marc-André Cournoyer

Run this ruby script to get my résumé

I see lots of people complaining job offers all look the same. But how about your CV / cover letter?

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